SOULSA®  brings an explosion of high energy, fun and colour with our BRAND NEW Fitness Programme.

We dance to the most popular amazing beats. From soul, Salsa, Current Pop, 80’s Classics, Latin Beats & much more!
Our mini LED flashing tambourines put the “SOUL” IN SOULSA® 

and add to the fun atmosphere of the darkened room & Disco vibe.

SOULSA® was founded by Fitness Instructor Karen Gibson. As a child Karen had a passion for Dance and music. Combining her years of Dance through her childhood into adulthood, her love for music and 13 years of Fitness experience, Karen’s dream was to create her very own Dance/ Fitness programme that was fun and suitable for everyone.​ As a child Karen would listen to her dad’s music … Soul, Motown, 80’s classics and with this love for true legends, current music and such a wide range of music genres it felt only right to create something new.

Karen became a Fully Qualified Fitness Instructor in 2007 and with a love of training became certified in many different styles and programmes such as ZUMBA® STREETFIT® CLUBBERCISE® THE JUNGLE BODY® PILATES® they all helped with inspiring Karen to create SOULSA®.

SOULSA® offers easy to follow routines suitable for everyone, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere where people can come together have fun and keep active with a feel good vibe. Karen feels passionate about SOULSA® improving people’s mental health as well as Physical health, SOULSA® fills the body with endorphins. The class is simplistic, easy to follow, uncomplicated and allows every participant to work to their own intensity.

Our Philosophy is:

• To consistently provide easy-to-do, fun routines to the world.

• To make a positive impact mentally and physically in all who are part of SOULSA®.

• To build a community of instructors who share, inspire, motivate and spread kindness in a world that needs positivity and love.


Karen suffered with a chronic illness during her career and at one point had to give up what she loved to do which was teach. Sadly her 2 year old son was also diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness.

Thankfully Karen fully recovered and is now more determined and driven than ever to fulfil her dream of sharing SOULSA® to the world. Knowing how difficult life can be… We all have struggles, we all face challenges in life so Karen is passionate about SOULSA® being our “HAPPY PLACE” a place to forget our worries , enjoy the music and just dance!



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