MARCH 2021 INSTRUCTOR Choreography

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Like Ah Boss - Machel Montano
1- Clap 4 corners. 
2- Sunrise arms, skip forward x4. 
Out in arms, moving back x4. 
3- Choo choo x2 each side. 
OLA - Olatunji
1- Look Look SSD
2- Snake arms up x3, Clap x1. 
Sunset arms down. 
3- Choo Choo x2 each side 
1- Bend knees keeping them soft, swing arms forward and back alternating SSD. 
Look to the sides. 
Pop your booty out and remember to remind your class to do this too! 
2- Move your body with your arms, clear arm movements and see how Karens body is positioned as she brings her arms round & down. 
3- Sway hips forward and back with your arms as you transfer your weight from one foot to the other. 
TIPS -  Remember to have good posture and keep your moves nice and clear. Long arms, soft knees and clear movements. 
How will I know - Lorenna
1- Clap for song intro. 
2- Step out 2,3,4 In 2,3,4.
3- Salsa sides. 
4- Smimmy forward 2,3,4 Back 2,3,4. 
1- As the song begins clap high and build up your class! 
2- Step out gradually for 4 and back in for 4 use your salsa hips and move your body from side to side bringing your elbows up to the sides. 
3- Salsa sides + 123 together - Use your hips! 
4- Shimmy your shoulders as you walk forward for 4 instructing your class to walk forward. 
Clap your tambourine as you walk back for 4. 
TIPS - This is a class favourite! Keep it high energy and encourage your class to SHAKE EVERYTHING as they shimmy. 
Do you love me - The Contours
1- Arms up & around + Shimmy. 
2- Knee up x2, Hips shake x4. 
3- Hair swish x2, Clap up. 
1- One leg slightly forward, arms above head and move arms and hips in a circle x2
Shimmy forward & back. 
2- Think Dirty Dancing!  
Bring one knee up x2, sway hips x4. 
3- Swish hair forward and flick it back x2. 
Arms up a clap to the beat 23-4. 
TIPS -  The music goes quiet at one part use ti's time to shout and tell your class they're not done yet!!!  Get a wooop in there! 
This is a Dirty Dancing track so try to channel your inner Penny! 
Move to the music - Busy signal
1- Heal twist x3, Clap x2. 
2- Out & In Turning. 
3- Swoop up, Tap thighs. 
1- Face corner bring got forward on heal and twist and back x3, Clap x2, chsnge sides. 
2- Bring hands above head wrists together. 
Step one leg out - together turning x6 and shimmy facing the front. Repeat other direction. 
3- Soft knees, swoop up and tap thighs x6 and wave above head x4. 
TIPS -  This is a slower track so you have time to exaggerated your moves eg -  long arms, extend leg further to the side, big swoops up... 
Get Ready - Pitbull
1- Hip thrust x6 - Ride your horse 234. 
2- Heal Toe 123.
3- Heal Clap x6, Turn 234.
4- Ride Horse turning. 
1- Feet wide, Thrust hips back and forward and push & pull your arms x6. 
Ride your horse 234!
2- Heal toe and travel to the side 123. 
Thumbs in trousers for some parts like a Cowgirl/Cowboy! 
3- Face the front, heal clap x6, give your class direction to turn. 
4- Sprint and tap your butt with tambourine turning x12 counts " put your hands up" & get ready to thrust starting from beginning. 
TIPS -  This is a high energy track! Give it your all and gave fun. Direct your class well as there are a few direction changes eg travelling to the side with heal toes, turns etc. 
Echa Pa'lla - Pitbull. 
1- Cross + 123
2- Twist OTS x4, Tap bum 234.
3- Twist forward 234, Tap bum move back 234.
4- Egyptian sides x4 
TIPS - Interact with your class and get them to whoop whoop as shown on the video! This is another class favourite! 
Remember to guide them forward and back step 3. 
Fireball - Pitbull 
1- Salsa forward x2, Hit bum 1234. 
2- Salsa sides. 
3- Forward 234, Back 234.
4- Turn Circle + Swish. 
1- Salsa fwd together, fwd together, hit bum x4. 
2- Use your hips and elbows. 
3- Shimmy forward 234, Clap Back x4. 
Bring arms up & round 234, Clap back x4
4- One arm high, one arm low, Rotate hips as you turn. 
Swish hands and hips to the sides. 
Swish up & down - Keep it funky! 
This track has some of what I call "fluffy bits" meaning it's not just Chorus, Verse, Chorus..... 
This routine goes exactly with the track as it changes so you must really practice and know this one perfectly. 
REMEMBER... SHOUT "FIREBALL"!!  Your class will love to join in. 
N. O. W - Destra, Nadia Batson
1- 1-2, 123.
2- Box step & Wave x4. 
3- Push corners x2, jump & hit butt x4. 
1- On the spot 1-2, 123 bouncy step! 
2- Point to the corners low and direct your class into - Out out, in in and wave 234.
Look at the sides on "out out" 
3- Use your bum and push it out as you push both hands up to the corners. 
Jumps back to the centre, keep one arm high and tap bum with tambourine. 
Point to the same direction and let your class know they are going that way again. 
Chsnge hands with tambourine and pint other direction. 
TIPS - Super high energy track!  Shout, encourage and lead well. 
Last Night - Chris Anderson and DJ Robbie. 
1- Clap intro
2- Funky knees x2, Swish x3, Clap x1. 
3-  Side slide clap x4, Hit bum x4, Clap high x4. 
Repeat 4 walls. 
1- Clap and get your class clapping up high. 
2- Bring one knee in, swivel ball of foot, repeat other side. 
Swish arms & hips x3 and clap x1 up high. 
3- Turn and complete the rest of the track facing the direction with your class! 
Facing away from your class - 
Side & slide starting with your right x4 
Point to left wall as you tap bum and turn, clap up high x4. 
Start again side & slide facing left wall x4, point to the back as you tap bum x4, clap up high facing back and start again. 
TIPS -  FUN TRACK!  This is a fun track and repetitive. Once your class has done the step once or twice turning they will soon get into it! 
Try to be clear when turning, cueing is important here. 
Have LOTS OF FUN with this one. 
Higher Love - Whitney Houston, Kygo. 
1- Clap intro. 
2- March & Shoulder brush. 
3- Stomp x4, Roll Clap. 
4- Squat x4 & Shoulder brush. 
1- Move around clapping, singing, shouting and get your class into the song. 
2- Arms raised to the sides, March x4 knees high, feet wider and brush shoulders. 
3- Using your shoulders and hips- stomp x4, Body roll/ hand roll x2 + clap. 
4- Feet hip width apart, knees in line with toes, squat x4, shoulder brush x4. Try to keep it funky! 
TIPS - SING SONG!  This track is a sing song one. It's a feel good song, try to really connect with your class during this track. 
Stupid Love -  Lady Gaga. 
1- Clap 4 corners -  Sway arms x8. 
2- Funky knees x3, Roll hips x2. 
3- Pull back x7 
4- Heal twists x3, Clap x2. 
1- Funky claps to each corner. 
Really reach as you sway x8 to the sides. 
2- Exaggerate your movements with funky knees and really roll those hips. 
3- This step gives you some time to to encourage your class as its repetitive. 
4- Think about the movement of your arms with the heal twists, reach up high to clap. 
TIPS - This track works the whole body! 
Think about your positioning of the moves & teach it effectively. 
Do it again - J Boog
1- Arms up SS, hips 123. 
2- Arm out, hip rolls x2, hip sway x4 
3- Turns Out & In. 
1- Bring one arm up above head & alternate 
1-2, hold and shake hips 123. 
Keep knees soft and bouncy. 
2- Hold arms up to the sides and roll hips x2, shake hips x4 crossing arms over chest. 
3- Lead your class into a turn!  
Really roll your hips as your foot goes out to the side and in. Bring hands behind and cross in front. 
TIPS - This is a slow, feel good vibe track. 
Keep it flowing! smile! Look up at your class! Enjoy! 
Hope -  Shaggy 
1 - Feet hip width apart 
Inhale bringing arms up & around 
Exhale bringing arms round & down. 
2- Reach to the sides keeping good posture a d knees in line with toes. 
3- Flow forward and back stretching through the back. Keep knees soft. 
4- As you stretch the calves, keep heels placed on the ground and lean forward. 
5- Stretching quads keep supporting knee soft, hips forward and knees together. 
TIPS - Remember SOULSA®️ sessions don't finish until everyone leaves so keep dancing and singing right until the end of the track. 
Talk to your class throughout giving clear teaching points. 
Thank your class, tell them well done etc