So you want to become a SOULSA®️ Dance Fitness Instructor? You have come to the right page! To become a certified SOULSA®️ instructor all you need to do is complete our 100% online training all from the comfort of your own home. Simply purchase the training here………….., register and you will have access to your e-training immediately.

We hold workshops throughout the year for existing & new instructors. However, do remember that to get certified you must do it online, the workshops are simply designed to give you extra support & education. You will be notified of workshop dates via email and via our private SOULSA®️ Instructor group.

As a SOULSA®️ Instructor you will:

Learn how SOULSA® began and have access to the Instructor manual. You will have access to all information on how to become an awesome SOULSA®️ Instructor. You will have access to the manual immediately once you make payment for your training.
Learn how to deliver an amazing SOULSA®️ session master dance and fitness technique, musicality and cueing plus learn the formula of SOULSA®️.

Your e-training will include theory and videos to help you complete your training assessments.
To become a SOULSA®️ Instructor there are only two fees – the certification and the monthly licence fee. Each certification is £169 & you can choose from Once you make payment you can start your training immediately at home! The licence fee is automatically billed each month £9.99 once you are certified & gives you access to all our materials, choreography, videos, 24/7 support & trademarks.
Get certified and receive:
New Choreography:
Get 3-5 new Choreographed routines every single month to keep your classes fresh
The Workout Library:
Get access to an archive of all choreography videos from when SOULSA®️ began.


You have exactly 6 weeks from the date of purchase to complete your training. If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here to support you every step of the way!

Once you pass your assessment you must start your monthly license fee. If you don’t keep your license active your Certification will expire.